Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Unto the last !

A man in confinement,
Can live with reasons;
His months and seasons,
His goals and visions,
His legions;
Of logic customised and lessons,

Limitations, curved out of phantasms,
Curved out of hope;
Buried in skewed scope,
The tricks, the rope;
We are all sailing boats,
Life!? Unmarked roads,

Deliriums, the apparitions of life,
Buried under opaque ‘thought ice’;
Few achieved and many died,
Take me for a ride,
Darkness is when someone buries his light;
Your terminus is beyond your sight,
One last fight is always your right;


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


There is a story to tell;
All religions in hell;
Practices are customized to death;
Daily breads bought with breath,
The gospels are out there for you,
Torah is seasoned and so is you,
 Older than the hiddekel,
Living older in all scale;
The Eden created for life;
Ordained by vice.

Unison in the world of thee Vedas;
Uniformity in ragas;
Systems awakened in Abraham’s!?
Rift now in religions,
Illuminate in the rise;
New world order- their device,
Tomorrow when you open your eyes,
Few living would see many, dies!

The three wise man following those stars,
One in the stable and the other behind bars;
Society today lost in transition,
There are reasons,
There are lessons.

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