Monday, July 30, 2012



I dived in the sea to catch the sunlight;
I have climbed many mountains with you,
We have tried to catch those stars or to be with them,
Do you remember those days when it rains?
I know the sweetness post all the pains;
Now the roads are narrow and the plonk drains,

There is a road to heaven or maybe hell;
I can follow the path and sail,
But I need to wait for the judgment day;
Here on earth by your bay,
Definitively aren’t cowards!  I will stay;
We had our day and you your say!

Hey heartthrob!
Don’t you know?
Hey heartthrob!
Stop! Don’t you know?
When moonshine shimmers your beauty grows;
Heartthrob! I am a criminal, a devil in love,
Hey heartthrob!
My heartbeats wild and in the burning stove!

Kings are gone but I am still your prince;
Nights are not darker any more but I am still your Knight;
The war is over – I am always out to fight;
With my mind, my soul during darkness and in the light,
Heartthrob! I hope you bargained right!?

Ashes to Ashes!

Ashes to Ashes!

Known the Long and short;
Those cubes and horse,
Wind and dust…fine and coarse!
Sea and Sand and river do plant;
Those Hills and mountain;
Dark blue whirling lifeless fountain,
Roads and passages beyond those thoroughfares;
Wilderness in the deserts – they stare!

Hummocks and hillocks and those old folks;
Privacy and secrecy, keys to your locks!
Fire and Coffin, Ashes and wood;
I am being rude – Natures food.
Moods and swings, those unknown wings;
Fire and Ice – peace and wind,
Mind and soul, daggers and gold;
Picture your heart or buy that doll.

Salvation and Nirvana for heaven and pleasure;
Erosion and Weathering for your leisure;


Uproar from the depth of my soul,
Pleading to you young and old;
Unseen unheard;
In yesterday’s world,
Life measured against gold;
Trigger ready in the courtyard,
The city is not safe;
Villages – Dead!

Walk out of the bed;
Every day to some unknown dead;
Neighborhood secured by the knights;
My children away and mother inside,
Greed is no more about bread;
There is much beyond hatred!

Crosses borders seeking peace,
I am a child…don’t understand your treatise;
Back home…there is fight for basic need,
I don’t understand – I bleed!
The army finally decided to retreat.

Sell happiness in the dark alleys of yesterday;
You can be my guest tonight;
For happiness is not always pleasure;
My pain is your leisure,
When the sun rises tomorrow;
Your beautiful day – Can I borrow?
Let me measure your happiness with my sorrow.

Am always there in the street corner,
This progressive nation is big enough to hold me;
I lay beside the scrapheap and one day I will be part,
My soul, my journey, I Depart…played my part;
When your foods rot – remember I starved!
In the silence of the night I too barked.

I…A being …A life
I rejoice in the past …I am alive,
The populace – beehive;
I let it go …..Existence Survive!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beyond those Blinders!

Beyond those Blinders!

Your words are not verses;
The rhythm breaks like unkempt tresses;
Your seas are dry rivers and friendship shivers!
I am not a wordsmith;
I do not carry your beats;

I decipher life in my thoughts,
Sometime reality bites;
I saunter in the wilderness of the heart,
I maybe the first but never the last.

You have to Live to live;
And prepare for the worldly treat;
Sometimes you beat the heat;
And subscribe to others read.

You may join the union;
Or borrow and mislead,
You can pamper your mind;
Kill your heart and shine;

Its Time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Words, Phrases and Meaning

Words, Phrases and Meaning
Someone furnished a place for me,
A space in this earth;
Do not question my birth!
I am a sprinter and maybe today I am the last.
An imagination glorifies memories;
I am walking a run,
Maybe sometimes for fun;
Today! my need surpasses my want.

Tomorrow few dreams will have meaning;
Few lost in the way;
A ray of hope,
Do not let it go astray.
A dance in the rain;
Days subjected to pain,
How do you define sane?
You saw the child in the lane,

Pull yourself to the shore,
If not much today, Life has much more;
Push to the limit,
If not the summit, you will still score.
Your place in the earth, your store;

Orchestrated Life


Lots of sun in my balcony,
May this winter chill not rub shoulder with death?
Life has some meaning for everyone even if we are late;
There is a rainbow and a defining moment,
There is hope, an optimist’s ornament;

All verses has rhythm,
Life too!
Some free and few in the zoo;
Old man! When will you grow up?
And be with the child;
Sometimes it’s good to be wild.
The melting polar cap is for the future,
We cannot out live it to nurture;
Every tomorrow is today,
The moon shine and the sun ray;
Where your thoughts leads to,
Your senses! Who do you woo?

Success is preparing your child,
For the test of life;
From unseen veil and unknown device,
Taking them away from the wilderness of the city;
To the serenest of the forest – witty?
I can see those smiles behind the teeth and beyond,
Who are you to justify my right and my wrong. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rousing Cadence – Who is next?

Rousing Cadence - Next is What?

Few months back I wrote an article asking people to contribute to a concept called Rousing Cadence. Today we have a published book which is doing really well with contribution from Poets across the world. This book is a concerted effort by seven authors across the globe. This is for the first time published authors and renowned bloggers are coming together and sharing their creativity through this book. It brings forth different thinking and perspectives and unique styles of these authors and is expected to appeal to the wider audience.

The book is a testimony to the power of today s Technology and the reach of Internet. This is because without Internet and Blogging, I would not have been able to connect with the authors across the World, who have done a wonderful job in this book

Now that the book is doing well with a launch at Delhi organised by Alka Narula, it’s time for me to roll out the opportunity to new poets again. Before doing that I would like to discuss on few of the Highpoint of Rousing Cadence:

·         The Book is available in almost all the major websites in the world which includes
ü  Uread
ü  Flipkart
ü  Alibris
ü  Cyberwit
·             The Book is now a part of Poland's GLOWINSKIS' LIBRARY

The Book launch in Delhi is a high point. 

As for me its time to move ahead. I have a vision of bringing poetry to the masses and I am now joined by Saru Singhal.

Soon we will have a competition where we will give away lot of prizes and this is an exercise to hunt for the next lot of poets/writers so that we can come out with our next Rousing Cadence. We promise a bigger and better RC this time and you all are welcome to the party!

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Cheers and Keep Winning,


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Street

The Street


Have Mercy!

I am a kid lost in the way,

Do not put those bars and cage me;

I am a kid you see,

It was not me!

I am born; never meant to be.


I see innocence in the street;

For me little bizarre,

I burn fats for my feed,

I beg,


For my feed…

I am born;


Stoned by the people you know,

Nurtured but evil by people – I bow…


Take me to your known world,

Show me a home;

I can die many deaths;

I can take the blame,


I too love the rain;

Understand Pain,

But I am a kid lost in the way,

Do not put those bars and cage me;

I am free as the birds and the bee,

So set me Free!


My rise and fall,

The ghetto stinks;

I too love your cricket and football,


Help me walk away from this world,

If not through life even my death can take a stroll;

Walk me free out of this soul,

Keep your silver and gold,

I am innocent – they told!

Why this wall?

Bars on Bars!

I am told I will realize – Realized?

The way of the civilized!?



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Tuesday, July 17, 2012



                              (Those 24 hours)

Sing for me!

Can you please dance for me?

Hold me tight!

Can you please switch off the light?

Kiss me now,

Set me free or tame me somehow;



The Sun need not shine tomorrow,

Happiness rarely surpasses sorrow;

Few moments of bliss – I seek to borrow,

The moon need not blanch tonight,

I am perturbed by your light;

Mind and soul in some fight,

Should we decide, what is right?



Fallacy of an Angel

Fallacy of an Angel


You rose to the height of epistemology,

You furnished my passion with gaudy kisses;

The full moon was a burden when you were around,

Your godly exquisiteness bested its glory;

Tonight I will sleep with my story,

Tonight we will celebrate our victory;

My Angel – I will enshrine this moment,

Sunshine cannot diminish your radiance,

And the flickers simply resonates your brilliance.


Your dainty lips dashing against the gale,

I borrowed few more breath for this trail;

Where do you go tonight?

Help! Show me the light;

My irresolute physique cannot take it more,

The war has taken everything from my store;

This selcouth vision of you, your dance,

Oh! Am in some trance?

There is love and I sense amorousness;

Help! Lend me some breath,

I know not death, remove that fence!


Where do you go tonight?

The quidnunc everywhere parleys about us;

There is love and there is lust,

This was my last outing and yours first;

You took the sunshine,

And I am sightless with darkness here at last.



Monday, July 16, 2012

Poor! Rich!

Poor! Rich!


I hunger, I sick;

I poor, you rich!


I birth, I Old;

I whore, I sold,

I labor, I pain;

I schlep, you gain,

I bellyache, you roar;

I Poor!


You birth, you young;

You customer, I sold,

You mistake, you scold,

Your story, you told,

Your diamond - you stich;

You Rich!


I vote, you rule,

I build, you school;

You decree, I fool,

I water your pool;

I blind!

I disease!

You shine!

You Seas!

I extinct!

I erased!

You blessed!

I bleed!

I resist! I terrorist!

You rule, I beast!

I scream, I insane,

You golf, your game!



Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Caballero

My Caballero

There is a blissful beauty in your face,
You tend to hide behind that shadowy maze;
You tend to move with night – unrest,
Tonight I saw you in your best dress.

The king’s men are in the hunt
Today - Run your weapon is blunt;
I will hone them when you are back,
Today – save yourself from this livid attack.

For thousand nights I will wait,
For my dainty knight at the gate;
Even if I perished or you get late,
I will be there in the heavenly gate.

Today I see your divine match
The Gods are here to see you combat;
Earth will remember your glorious death,
And heaven opens its gate.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Shakespeare’s Old!

Shakespeare’s Old!

Today we have changed the vision,
We have gone beyond our mission;
We will glorify human life!
We will fortify human rise!
Testify human life and our Job,
We will punctuate life and endorse;
Endorse happiness as the manna of life;
Severity for the soul with conflicting protocol,
Abdus today out of school text;
God particle killed the God for him?
Horrify……..we all Scream!

When do we Live when we only think of living?
Sleep? Thinking about peace!
Eat? Thinking and not contemplate our deeds;
Amassing? Not considering other’s needs!
Life’s encumber has lost its charm;
Welcoming darkness with open arm,
Those soothsayers armed with conclusions,
Distributing happiness and seclusion…

The child is now grown up;
He has seen the world,
The old man though feeble is bold;
The child now unpacked in the factory and sold,
These are my days and this is what I am told;
There is a hammer behind every gold…

Shakespeare’s Old!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Hair! ( Official Entry to the Dove Contest)

My Hair!

My Hair,
Cascaded with the summer wind;
To welcome you from your voyage,
My hair,
Cropped to intensify the beauty of our love;
When the winter sky personify our warm thoughts,
Dripping while I come out of the tub,
I rub them against you or you rub?
My hair,
Thrown back to redefine sexy,
My eyes define the blue ocean and my hair the sea,
It was never! Never! like that,
I was downtrodden with the problem I had,
And ‘beauty” I never dictated!
I had hair which were done in bad taste,
A small thread acts as a Razor blade!
It tears apart with every comb,
I regretted of me coming out of that womb,
I cried in silence when I looked into the mirror,
With few of them left I was crestfallen – utter horror.

I was wild and rampaged every stores on earth,
From the Dead Sea pack to the wild bark;
From home remedy to prescription drugs,
I was seeking for peace and peace I found at last!
I was longing for love and love I found at last!
My hair,
Cropped to intensify the beauty of our love;
My hair,
Gifted and rejuvenated by the wonder of dove;
Knotted to incarnate the school girl look,
Invigorated and revitalized – Dove kept me hooked,
My hair,
Made to a bun and sometimes plaited;
Blooming and beaming even when classic and outdated
My hair,
For me a little secret I always share;
My hair in super knots; with Dove I desire,
For others - a gift from the heaven
And that was the end of my hair problems!
My hair,
Cropped to intensify the beauty of our love;
When the winter sky embody our warm thoughts,
My hair,
Styled to resonate the moonlit night,
Penetrating many a desirable man’s mind,
For me! A little secret I always share;
My hair with Dove - your desire,
For others - a gift from the heaven

And that was the end of my hair problems!
And that was the end of my hair problems!
Finally a Video to celebrate the occasion
This Poem is submitted for the Dove Contest at Indiblogger. You may acknowledge my work here.

There is an awareness quiz by Dove to know which product suits your hairHere is the link.

All Logos, Photos etc belongs to the respective owner and is used in the best of the spirit. The Music for the Video is taken from Four Non Blondes - 'What's going on'. Please write to me at if this is violation of any copyright and I will be more than happy to remove them.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time - Now!?

Time - Now!?

The Canvas painted bright;
Depicting human plight,
Sold in some up market boutique;
It depicts human heights,
Blood thinning under the skin;
And skin plundered and sold in the bazaar;
Do not leave your door ajar!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unlimbering Again!?

Unlimbering Again!?

Where can you go?
When the roads ahead grow;
And your energy low!
Where can you hide?
When the ground near you is wide;
And you lost sight!
When the fight is for basic right.

Let the citizen decide the season;
Their habitat and their reason!
Atlantis never found,
Never would they be;
Live the moment – what you see?

Exhilarate! Stimulate!
Wake up! Where have they gone?
The legionary now lost in Rome;
The diadem plundered; now torn.

Hope! Optimism!
Always the next life follows;
Living over dead, mellows!
Rich over poor, swallows;
War over peace, bellows;
Laundry list of today;
Incentives and dividends narrows,
Where have they gone in Australasia?

You brought diseases and you bring greed,
You sold hope in the name of feed;
You brought machine to counter their projectiles,
You killed human calling them wild,
You name prosperity at the cost of hunger,
You bring cocoa in exchange of firepower and thunder;
You sale happiness in the silver screen,
The crossroads and ghettos – you know what I mean.

Sub-Sahara darkened and delisted;
You named them the Dark Continent,
North-Sahara empowered but convicted;
And you call it moral when they are evicted,
You bought thunder with fat and little;
You preached peace and the earth rattle.

Wake up! The coffee is yours;
You brought triggers and now the finger sores,
You changed history from its course;
Life is vague and hoarse.



Monday, July 2, 2012


Posting something after a long time


I went to the hill searching for life,
This place has lost its glory;
Unequal City Unequal divide,
Craters all around; No lights in sight.

I went to the monastery searching for peace,
This habitat has lost its speed;
Thoughtful wishes unfulfilling greed,
I Sojourn here; No lights indeed.

I went to the sea searching for new land,
A hope to start afresh and anew;
Wipe and undo the past filled with lust, Retreat!
Lost in the whirlpool; No lights indeed.

I went to dead searching for life,
A tiring journey at the end;
Life – I found here with open arms .Freed!
I met myself here; Lights indeed.


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