Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Book is Available on Flipkart for Indian Buyers

Yes…we have finally reached the Book Stalls from our individual Blogs.

The Book Rousing Cadence is available on Flipkart now for Indian buyers. In case you are willing to buy the book you have 3 options now:

We Apologise in case you see a “Out Of Stock” tag during your visit…There would be stock available soon, you simply needs to revisit. All other options mentioned below. The book would be available in various other platforms in the coming months.

ü  Publishers Website – Rousing Cadence
ü  FlipkartRousing Cadence

Amazon – Rousing Cadence

In case you are willing to leave a comment/feedback or even a review you can do that in the individual websites/blogs of the poets or you can leave your comments in the below links:

Those who are seeing this post for the first time please visit here for more – Rousing Cadence
Thank you for all your help and support during our journey. Thank you for all those mails and feedback. Without you this would not have been possible.

Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 

Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence

Cheers and Keep Winning,


  1. Congratulations to everyone who is a part of this book and thank you Shamsud!

  2. Thanks a lot Shamsud, congrats all fellow writers and thank you all well wishers and supporters:)


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