Monday, June 11, 2012



I am told change is good and I resisted;
I am told change, we should,
And I repelled,
I am full of questions,
Inquiries never been answered,
I wonder where all the firefly has gone;
I spent my childhood chasing them in the darkness,
I wonder if all the changes are good,
Generations from today,
What would be their oxygen and their food?

I wonder where those moving shadows have gone;
I spent my childhood climbing those trees,
Flowers and thorns?
I wonder!
But Change is good?
The sea of humanity flourishing in this maximum city,
Parishes and their lifestyle, pity!
Let us accept one more change,
Bring back home that pristine image,
Let us enjoy that Peacock dance,
Let those tribes go back to their place.

Collateral Damage!
This war within the your land is killing,
Though for the developed soil, it’s thrilling,
There is a whiplash to every change,
We are a part of human race,
Status queue! When the worlds dance;
Signs of humanity in every trance,
Armageddon knows no fence,

I Wonder!

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