Monday, June 25, 2012

Rousing Cadence - The Story So Far

They say Spice Up when you want to present something to the customer. Customers are fools!. We say let us do it Raw. Let our readers decide for themselves. Ultimately the idea is to reach maximum readers. The goal is to bring Poetry to the masses and we have successfully reached the 1st phase in this endeavor. Now is the time we need to work harder as we are simple poets with no marketing skills, we have a mission and we will do our best. I am aware we have many people who understand the art of reaching people. We would be obliged  by your suggestions. We are already receiving mails and calls suggesting few ideas/plans and we are working on them too.


What is that you expect in a book of Poetry? Love, Life, Abstract, Haiku and many more. We present you with all these and more becoz’ we are a team from varied background and experiences which make Rousing Cadence exciting and interesting; Adventurous and unputdownable.  When I asked Jess (Wikipedia) who is an established Poetess  “What made you join the team – Rousing Cadence and what do you think about the initiative by the team to bring Poetry to the masses?”

This is what she has to say.

I've always loved poetry and anything that has a global/international appeal. I was delighted to be invited by Shamsud (editor of Rousing Cadence) to contribute to the project! I'm definitely in full support of the initiative to bring Poetry to the masses. Poetry is something that will always capture the human spirit and human condition. Poetry also contains a spiritual, personal and social aspect that transcends the mundane world. In an era where text messaging is the norm, I don't see why Poetry (in its characteristically succinct form) cannot appeal to the wider audience...



·         The Book is now available at Amazon : Rousing Cadence (Click here)

·         The book is also available at the Publishers Website : Rousing Cadence


As we have an official release date of 27thJune…The book would soon be available in Flipkart and all major websites across the world with eversion of the book published post 4-5 month  of the paperback.


Finally I would like to thank all the readers/bloggers of indiblogger for their continuous love and support. I would also like to thank visitors from blogadda, sulekha, blogjunta and all those who take out time to read my blog and all the blogs associated to the book.


Why don’t you join the actions in FB where we have more than 100 people joining the excitement - and each one of you make a difference and help us take this book to maximum people as the whole idea of the book is “Bringing Poetry To The Masses” and the franchise “ROUSING CADENCE” would continue.

Connect! Connect! Connect!

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Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence



We are still experimenting on the official Video and would let you know soon -

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