Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love Story 2.0

The terrific lights in rows and columns,
I am not here to Stifle Ingenuity;
Not to puncture a hole in your heart,
A lovebird in the hunt,
In his momentous best,
She is vulnerable at times!
Away from the nest!

Those mesmerizing eyes,
Rainbow curved in her lips,
The hourglass curving and swaying dress;
Tresses long rebounding the night beyond the trees;
Tines are pomegranate,
Shying away from the dance floor!
Tonight! I play in my mind,
Dances in the hallway with my heart,
Millions of punches in my soul!
A wake up call!

I sojourn in the crossroad,
Looking for my terminus – not far away;
Am I the destiny!
Or the gold digger from the west,
Losing multitudes in the test,
Should I rejoice in the glee memories of light?
Darkness is affirmative and let them be aside;
Should I not ride the tide?
With the shadows of the night!

A self-proclaimed victory, I am in the rise!
Tomorrow I'll follow the signs;
To the yonder hills,
Her unprecedented skills,
Deviating reminiscences to a still;
Landlocked and heart blocked!
My steed lost its steam;
Her ingenious charm,
Those spreading arms,
Virulent concoction of deceptive glance;
I was lulled to a slumber,
Now I am in an eternal trance!

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