Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The ignorant sea of  millions dreams,
Drenched in  richness of time;
Memories long gone,
Crafted in ancient stone,
Human in animals bone;
Devolved back to thorn!

Unfamiliar sight in familiar ground,
Change is not an option,
You survived the earthquake;
Thunderstorm and rain;
Dying inside, every moment,
Who inflicted those pain,
Oh! Humane.

You kill many a dreams to build the palace,
Others were just homes;
You buried many a hatchet for your diamond;
Others were just stones,
Today when the time passes the tide,
Broad day light, roads are wide!
You faded!
There is no more light!
One more moment in time;
One last fight!


  1. nice lines... and nice thought behind them too...
    cheers, Archana -


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