Monday, July 13, 2015


Evening light on the beach HQ Wallpaper
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Honycomb smoked,
Death of the queen bee!
Thoughts leading to diegesis;
Droplets to rivers and bound to the sea,
The deserts breeds life,
The instinct is the key;
Megalopolis away from a tree,
We are unchained but never free.

Dead clocks can show the time twice,
Death binds and ties;
Twice the hatred and more of lies,
Across the fences youthhood unties;
Protect those predators in the jungle,
There are too many on the roads today;
Your blazings arms are exchanged for food,
A punctured soul crying!
Other looking for its root;
What Good!!!?

Do not eclipse the sun;
For we need the light,
Dark clouds often seen overhead,
Your prodigal is others bread!
Unlearn and untame your horses;
Wilderness is the true realm for roses,
When the bell rings;
Sing song for the reversal of the tide;
Let there be hope!
Let there be light!


Criticize or laud, because whether it's critique or accolade, I respect and appreciate it.

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