Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Board!

When the steeds prevailed;
Lugging life to the known and unknown;
Conversation with the wind and rapidity revealed!
Many a lover flew with the wind;

Time changes and brings in new,
Life! Renew!!
They saw the steam from the gargantuan machine,
Never had a living snail raced;
Wafting the breeze from both side,
The railroads crossed all state!
Defining and re-defining mobility;
Crisscrossing life and humanity;
The engine arrived!

From the gold diggers to the slaves in the continents,
From sub-Sahara to the Himalayan plateau;
Life resonated at the thrill of speed!
The train roared on its beat;
The silent rail roads like separated lovers;
Travel along, never to meet!

Today when I decide to board,
This symbol of hope;
And I look back in time,
I am intercepted;
Something plays with my mind;
Millions of lives inside its belly,
Destination dwarfed, always a rally;

Time has changed,
It always is!
The newer breed and defying speed;
Crossing landmasses and crossing seas,
Changing landscape in blinking eye;
Thumping heartbeat,
Not a lie!!!

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