Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rice field,+Ubud,+Bali+2.JPG

The grains today are expensive,
The new markets are gold;
And when the plonk takes over;
Our mind reduces to thoughts,
Yes! They all come to see me when I am home,
The rice field all along!

I get down from the airplane to meet my family,
With loads of happiness for I long,
Sadness for I missed all the songs;
Who is taking you home!
Acquaintances and friends,
All along!
And when the time comes;
Tears rolling down the eyes,
Sometimes truths are all lies,
Among the rice field I rise!

When the reality of change strikes,
You are where you once belong;
And when you drive along,
Days get shorter memories long!
I just broke down again,
This is not the usual pain,
I craved for it! Disdain!
I withdraw and I can feel the rain,
Inside me!
What did I lost and I don’t know my gain??

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