Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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I am running!
Running away from my thoughts, my memories;
Is there a casket where I can bury some of them?
Some memories are on rust, then!
Some memories are just wild grass!
Memories of faces long lost;
Fading away, no revival
Some memories are ghost!

You have been there in the crowd,
Bright and loud,
We shared the same bus to school,
Memories of some days – we were fool!
When you resisted and turned yourself off,
Oh! How you caught this awful slashing cough;
Some memories are always young!
Oh! I remember how you laughed off;
Wake up and crawl off.

I can run, not away from myself,
I carry the world inside me,
I miss my days and some fun;
We all share the same sun,
Some memories are loud,
Raining below some dark cloud;
Days are growing adding fragments every day,
Few of them will go and few will stay!

  Image result for memories     Image result for memories

Image result for memories


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