Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turning Point

Rousing Cadence is keeping my away from my usual stuffs. Here is a poem and this talks of recent experiences.

Turning Point
I wonder how life takes a turn;
Beautiful people bring in beautiful thoughts around;
The mind is a workshop of unknown creativity;
Never works during captivity,
Funny aspects of life sometimes get unearthed,
I am given the fruit when I was only looking for the bark.

Where can a warrior go at the peak of the war?
The battlefield is never too far,
Sometimes the war is inside,
And the battle cry comes from the far side;
Are you liable when you kill some of your instincts?
How do you measure incentives of such deaths?
Where is the tombstone and where is the death bed?

Affirmative! I am,
Nihilism! I can tame,
Its darkness when it rains and when it pains;
But I know there is life after every flood,
Happiness is beyond flesh and blood.
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