Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had a gathering few days back with some of my old friends. The get together went well but I started thinking after last person left the party. Today we use our various gadgets to remain connected to people at the most distant place at the cost of people around you. You chat for hours without leaving your laptop/desktop when you spouse is waiting for hours to share the best news of his/her life.

You go for a get together you get busy with text message, BBM, emails and what not. However, when you are away you again connects to the same friend for hours forgetting that you are in a different gathering now. These days we are great at expressing our emotions at Facebook but cannot gather enough words to speak the same thing to our loved one. We find it easy to say f*** off through a text message and spoil many years of relationship. Anyway to quote from one of my earlier poems

These are words. Do words makes sense?
Without them, I am still tense.
Dumb and deaf, the verses you bore,
even a bird has sense.

Anyway, I share the below poem for you to ponder. Please do not forget to leave your comments as for me every word makes sense. Let your perception decide the outcome…J

You put your thoughts and create words,
You put those structures and build the theme;
You proclaim your arrival and shout back,
Did anyone inveterate back?
Alas the day! An Artist is butchered.

You raise the chicken and take away the eggs,
You build the coffin and bury the death;
You return the favour by following the status Queue,
Who build your coffin now?
Oh Dear! Your call for the last rites went unanswered.

What is there in the dense?
The denseness of your thoughts?
What is there in those carefully aligned hallucinations;
Our thingamajigs are taking us away from us;
Oh Dear! Does it hurt?

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