Friday, December 14, 2012

Re christened!

Re christened!
May be I am stronger today,
Because of what I experienced,
May be I am happy,
Because today things make sense;
Maybe poor;
For what I have lost,
And rich!
Because of lives I came across.

I am hopeful;
Do I have an option?
My notions!
There is pain in every lesson,
Colours in every season;
Options behind every reason,
Death defeats at times but life goes on!
Living! A mission!?

Call your faith,
Call for the lord;
It’s your turn to board,
Your time on the road,
Memories preserved stories wrote;
Food down your throat,
Soothsayers are awake;
But I am broke!


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  2. Mind blowing stuff. The poem, thought, words used and how you used the exclamation. Good to read you after a long time :)

  3. Have we abandoned our world to soothsayers?

    1. Yes..we politicians, gurus...economist and what not. We need to go back and make it ours :-) thanks for your kind words

  4. @Saru Singhal Thank you Saru :) Now that you had a good break...hope to see you in action soon.


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