Monday, December 17, 2012


Those who suffer the most are living,
They have reasons to breath,
Those who are in pain are living;
This is when I turn back and look at the mirror,
I draw energy and move away from the horror;
Of life! Near ones and those of today’s emperor,

I cultivate love and water them,
Funny! Yes I am also a part of your game,
Tear drops are sometimes washed by the rain,
Blood can be evil sometimes just stain,
Happiness can be burden….disdain!!!
Wild birds are prying on my grain.
Love down the drain?

Everything has changed but love,
Mother still cries for her dead warrior,
Help! Behold! Let us carry those injure,
The war! There is no cure,
Can I borrow your gun tonight?
My child needs to live,
Let me fight for his right,
Bury me away in darkness;
Never in the light,
Let me fight for his right,


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  2. How you've managed to rhyme love with warrior is beyond my imagination! You've worked it out brilliantly and yes it did rhyme as I read! touché !

    Another beautiful poem! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Chhavi. You are inspiring. Everything around you rhymes we are part of a never ending orchastra which has its own rhythm.

  3. Shamshud.. great poem indeed, very nicely penned,emotions language perfect!! loved it

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