Sunday, January 27, 2013



The old man in his death bed,
‘I ve seen life and I am not sad’
Elision was an option;
Ebullient Caprice of life;
Inexorable memories and my vice;
Did you cross the Sahara?
I said;
Did you to the Himalayan height,
Did you see life?

Resplendent Serendipitous!
Somnolent thoughts!
They are in lots;
Your death bed but a story!
Of customised glory,
You can opt for your dreams,
Cacophony and Decrepit beams;
The river and the magical streams;
The beauty in wilderness;
Resonant heaviness!

I dream of life of rhythm,
Talismanic charm and freedom;
Tranquility and reason;
Life is beyond vision!

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