Monday, January 7, 2013



Time moves on,
And we don’t know what the next season will bring;
Every moment is a universe,
I don’t know if I have done enough!
Can I do more?
I languished after many unrealised dreams,
Maybe they were too many,
I now stand here at the edge,
My life is tricky like a razor blade;

Time, pace never changed,
My life, my time and I aged!

My childhood never knew the place I belong today,
Those enchanting night and day,
I realised I am the prey;
What can life do to an unknown in the street!
I have moved too many places and seen a lot;
Many a friends I bid adieu;
Never met them,
Few! I don’t remember;
Do they care enough?
Life is rough,

Hairline never defines your skills,
Not your knowledge,
Smile never defines happiness;
And holding hand! Closeness,
There are more lessons in the wilderness,
There is gratitude in kindness;
Humanity and shyness!


  1. A journey and a realization that what seems to be true is beyond the reach and understanding of human eye.

    I loved this line, 'My life, my time and I aged!'

    It has something beautiful to it.

  2. Beautiful poetry!
    I loved the last stanza the most!!


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