Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Half Way!

Half way from childhood and half way to death,
I look at my epoch, am I too late?
I advocate my deeds in my own court,
I am the judge, my verdict, I wrote!
I am the journey, I am the road.

Darkness is absence of light;
Bondage – when no one fights,
Flawed – When you are not right;
Browbeaten- When there is no stride!

Our ingenuity is no different than many,
Few never discovered themselves till the end;
Opportunity lies in the edge and sometimes in the bend,
Your expeditions never end when you stop;
Never when you drift off,
Sometimes you find yourself when you are lost!
In the epicentre of humanity
There is hope,

Half way through life I ride,
With more vigour against all tide;
Sanity multiplied all the way;
Today it’s my sun and I make my hay!!!

1 comment:

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