Friday, February 24, 2023

Fleeting Echoes in Nature's Symphony

Amidst the symphony of nature's choir,
I ponder on life's fleeting desire,
And as I contemplate my final fate,
I wonder what will become of my earthly state.

Will I leave behind a mournful sound, Or vanish without a single trace or bound? As I behold the beauty of nature's realm, My worries fade, my mind begins to calm.

The sun, the moon, the stars above, Sing their songs of everlasting love, While the wind's melody through the trees, Whispers a tune of life's gentle breeze.

In this grand and timeless symphony, My existence is but a mere harmony, A fleeting echo in the vastness of time, A melody that will soon be left behind.

But as I embrace my final hour, I find solace in nature's power, For though my life may soon depart, The symphony of nature will forever start.

And so, I let go of my earthly fears, And listen to nature's symphony with open ears, For in this fleeting moment, I am a part, Of the grandest symphony, a work of art.

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