Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thought Veil

Thought Veil!

I love the sunlight which veils the earth;
With utmost adore,
With love spread across the sea and ashore,
The moon joining the revelry late,
And camping though out the night,
Ensuing darkness to the sun’s gate.
The twinkling in the stars I know;
Burning high burning low,
Directing foes and chums alike,
Obscured vision – here I grow.

The flowing elixir has its story,
Every whirl wind knows its glory;
Mighty highland swamping island;
Where is my shy land?
The earth celebrates today,
The victory of humanity;
The rise over many falls!
The wise covers every fault!
The ice blankets the diminishing soil;
Fissures covered with heavenly toils.

Photo source: Wikipedia
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