Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Blogging

Sunday Blogging

Dear Reader,

First of all I wanted to thank you all for your continuous support through reading my work, providing feedback and simply by visiting my blog. This has encouraged me to continue with my book Rousing Cadence.
We have one week to decide on the book cover and you can still help me …here

The book will be available in the following websites in the beginning and later we would have the book in almost all the sites and both paper and ebook would be made available for the readers:

·         AMAZON
·         ALIBRIS
·         FLIPKART
·         CYBERWIT

I would like to thank one more person here. I am getting tremendous support from Saru Singhal right from day one. In fact I am now geared up to take this book to the next level and create a series of Rousing Cadence. And in case you have not read Saru you can start with this masterpiece from her-

I thank all the other contributors who believed in me and helped me in this endeavor. The below are the covers shortlisted and we will close on the final cover next Sunday.

As for today's poem; I share with you one of my very old Poem (Reworked) with some changes. The poem talks of bad coming in various avatar over the ages and the changing face of EVIL. It might take some time for you to get into the pulse of the poem as I have used some very old English but let me tell you its worth the effort.

Debauched Medicament 
The bacchanal abactor is back again,
To play his game with a beele;
Drives his hunt away to the unknown,
This cacogen is wild and rides like a claviform.
Repudiated by his folks,
He is in folklore’s and limericks;
His heroics though reprehensible,
He lives and is a true fabulist.
Today the fandango has changed,
He no more rushes for the wild;
This concrete jungle has more for him,
There is more in the life of human being.

He sneaks in the darkness,
Drives like a claviform in flight;
To hunt his prey – this time cold blooded,
This brings in dosh, loaded.

His is fatidical and happy with his mactation,
No more in folklore and limericks;
But in the gazetter every day,
Hides in the magnality grottos of today.

He is many faces and many names,
With one mission of obliteration;
His mammonism is immense,
His death brings in more manace.

Cheers and Keep Winning,


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  1. It's such a meaningful and soulful poem. Also, I am sure, we all will take this book to new heights. Thanks for saying nice words about me, it is very motivating. :)


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