Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blogger Award and The New BOOK

When I started my Blog, I never thought that someone would ever visit it. Hence I did not bother to think of a better name and named my blog after my first book – I Am Dirty I Need Washing. Now when I look back I realise that I have made some great friends since I joined the blog world in February 2011.

This is my second award and I would like to thank Saher who has a wonderful blog. I want to do the formalities too but would take some time as I want to do it in the right spirit and pass it to the right people (From My Perspective). If I miss someone it means that I have not read enough of your work or have not encountered your blog yet.

I am dirty; I need washing

Anyway, my first book – I Am Dirty I Need Washing would be available as a kindle version from tomorrow – 2012-05-05. This is an abridged version with newer poems and I hope the readers would enjoy my work.

 Finally the work on the new book continues to show good results with 2 international contributing generously. Everyone who contributed to the book will hear from me soon. I am waiting for few more people to join hands. The book is tentatively titled :
                                        Unceasing Aberration
Right now I am working on the cover design. This is the first design i have created but there would be whole lot of changes and i will keep you posted:

For those who is reading this post for the first time please visit - Sunday Blogging - An Opportunity

Please do share this Post as we are looking for many more to contribute.

Cheers and Keep Winning,
Shamsud Ahmed
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