Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wreckage of Life!

Life screeching absurdity,
Plastic eyes, mind that stroll,
Hope peeping through that soul,
Energy derived from containers of death,
Moon painted bright to overshadow the bribed sunset,
Rubble! Rubble!

In the backwater of the furrowed dream,
In the high-rises of today’s tomorrow
In the streets of shattered reveries.
Sunlight and moonshine, we share,
Rainfall and seasons, we share;
Fate designed with complex equation,
Homogeneity of ‘happiness’ and ‘pains’ very rare.
Rubble! Rubble!

Locking and unlocking,
Tiring and testing;
Breathe and sweat in the same plate,
Consciousness metamorphic and rejuvenating!
Our mind always lives in distant land,
Land of hope and aspirations,
Contemplations of a known unknown,
Working from morning through moonlight,
We still hope; we have a life.
Rubble! Rubble!
The Wreckage of life after days in the Strife

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