Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet

Sunday Blogging - Stray Bullet
I want to thank each one of you for your mails and comments in my blog. Those simple messages helped me to compile the right book cover and today I am sitting with 30 good poems from 6 different contributors. The hunt for two more poets continues and I am sure I ll find them by the end of the month.  I should have the book published by the 15th of next month.
Anyway I have a new poem for you today. The poem is raw and I have written in one sitting. I will rework on this poem soon. Let m know if you find yourself somewhere in the Poem. After all we are stray bullets and even a stray bullet has its destination.

Stray Bullet
The blank pages of my diary,
Reflects the nothingness of my life;
I am trying hard to create a story out of it,
Every day I promise to strive;
Procrastination though is lovers delight;
Few more moment by the heart’s side.

So I lingered through the darkness in search of light;
Ready for a battle or at least a fight;
Do not give up now,
And wait for some sunrise;
Though we are derailed at times,
Hit the road again and surprise!
There may be some time left to redefine this life.

I can blame the entire world today,
I can even forge a story;
But when I look at the mirror,
It’s always me behind the light;
One man whom I need to delight,
It was me behind that fall and during my rise.

I am not done yet,
Nights are always meant to fight;
But day light can take me to soaring height,
One man from who I cannot hide;
And separate the wrong from the right,
Even in darkness and blinding light,
In burning deserts and frost bites;
Someone inside wants me to fight and be brave;
‘cause we follow ourselves to the ultimate grave.

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  1. lovely shamsood..the leafy pic that u hav used though beautiful but the size needs to be reduced..its stealing away the beauty of your words.

  2. very will always find yourself by your side,
    whether things are wrong or right, in your life!

    1. Thank you Sakshi...we cannot detach ourself from our fate. thank you for visiting

  3. It was me behind that fall and my rise" i find myself in every word of this poem Shamsud bhai. Waiting for your book.

    Do visit my blog, have got some poems (not worth publishing, but for your read)
    (posts - woman, Her) sorry for not providing the link.

    1. Thank you Mak. I read your poem. It is a nice first attempt. Now you need to continue writing :)

  4. "But when I look at the mirror,
    It’s always me behind the light"

    Awesome line ... Very nice poem :)

    1. Thank you Anjali. Happy that you liked my work.


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