Sunday, August 5, 2012



Oh! Sunshine,
You dwell in the premises of heaven;
You furnish the day with infinite rainbow,
For the sea to enshrine your beauty,
I remember many a summer song;
In the valley of love;
Borrowed from the flight of the dove,

Amity always personified simplicity,
Love packed in the heart of gold;
I understand the turmoil inside,
When your loved ones are gone;
Chums – leaves with a song,
Many tomorrows ahead, they are still young!

Hopes are built in the cubicles of thought,
Hopes! Let you move ahead and I sought;
For those pals gone in search of a dream,
In silence we sometimes scream!
You lost many in your quest!
Sometimes I do have guest;

Friendship cannot be a day,
I pray!
Cannot b a portrait of our play!
Moon dies with a single sun ray;
There is affirmation by the bay!

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