Monday, August 20, 2012

I am a man…

I am a man!
I am a man,
Flesh, blood and a brain;
I want to dance – Dance in the rain,
Unload and wash some of my pain;
I am a man!

I have just started – started a journey;
The Journey of Life!
I have a sight – foresight;
To reach that height!
I know the stain,
I am a man!

There is hope,
In the school but I am broke;
Life can be simple and insane,
Changing – Life can never be same,
Human life is a tale – You can tame!
I am a man.

My blood! My sweat! My space,
Are we in a race?
Do you care less?
Those Soul – Do not misplace!
Ah! You are also in the game;
I am a man…


Criticize or laud, because whether it's critique or accolade, I respect and appreciate it.

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