Friday, August 17, 2012

I Am Talking To You

I Am Talking To You

I embarked the last ship,
Passing through the storm of hope!
Do you know where this vessel goes today?
Did you notice the blood stains in the corner?
Yes! The newspaper has the story;
Innocent Life at stake and someone running for glory,
Oh! You could have saved a soul,
Yes! The man was old;
But happiness is never sold,
I know his grandchild…what was told?
You were there observing the child go blind;
The Stadium was packed – You have well timed!

They were sent home - from heaven to hell!
Many Himalayas scaled;
On the Ganges you sailed!
Some bailed out; across the border – few hailed!
Where were you when the sun died in your land?
Did you fight, Rise or would you now stand?
The stranger butchered the maiden;
He passed you…you denied...Ravened!

I Am Talking To You,
Do not change your seasons;
Words! Do not play with reasons!
Greenery sold and they are now safe in the zoo;
Do you know…Who?
Your statistics are just number,
Do you know how it feels – Nights in hunger;
Many days with oozing blood;
Come with me,
Let me show you the aftermath of Brahmaputra’s flood;
You Karma aghast!
The natives are out today,
Their fireplace needs woods!
No! Don’t sneak into their hutments,
The river dies without its sand…
Humanity buried in the hunt for land.


Criticize or laud, because whether it's critique or accolade, I respect and appreciate it.

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