Thursday, August 9, 2012

Made In Paradise Or Earth?

Made In Paradise Or Earth?

There is a white and there is black,
There are norms we can re-write;
With the highs and lows of the tide;
It brings new wisdom, brings new cry
Opens my eyes to a lot more around;
I turn around and I try to pry,
This is not the way to die;
A love-child; a lie!

Marriages made in heaven,
And heaven by a thinking mind;
And heaven in an unknown time;
Love made inside the nest of the heart,
Love a phenomena an adopted art;
Love inside a soul; a gift at birth;
Love unpolished and natural a real start.

Who compiles the memories of the earth?
Love is a memory by birth;
Marriage though a union of the mind;
Sometimes customized to accommodate the union of the heart?
Social norms personified and redefined human right.
There is darkness today but there will be light;
Heart dictates the love at first sight,
Peace is an outcome of love,
Human society today is love broke;
Love starved and tucked!
Values suppressed and orchestrated rubrics barked.

Killing is not an honor;
Marriages – heaven is not the informer;
Love cannot be arranged;
Destiny cannot be exchanged!
Birth is the outcome of union;
Cannot be justified by any of the rebellion;
Love and Arrange hand in hand,
Untamed rhythm, sea and sand,
Human society- women and man;
Love always will make them stand,
Nuptial is grand!
If at some stage affection rains;
Love and Arrange all same.

So tell me Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage - The Debate Continues.

This is a submission for LOVE marraiage or ARRANFGED Marriage in Indiblogger


  1. Kudos buddy..Just loved it and I liked the fact that you didn't write a post on the topic and instead chose to write a poem. Very intellectual :) Good one

    1. Thanks...i tried writing a post but did not shape up well. As i have not yet submitted to the contest i ll try support this poem with a simple post. Thanks for coming back to my Blog!

  2. This is so different from rest of the entries, best of luck~

  3. Nice one. You have captured the essence of the issue. Liked it.


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