Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Muffled! Hollowness of the soul;
Donkeys and Camels changed the world,
Logistics redefined today, they are old;
Horses reached Constantinople;
History re-written in gold;
Genghis the hunter – Bold!

Massacred in the name of pure blood,
The Camps putrefied for months;
Africa! Dry; the source of Nile's flood,
Verses are played with fonts;
History re-written in gold;
New stories unfold!

Tokubetsu KĊgekitai shaped war,
New world order in new avatar;
Today when human revolve around stars;
We see more barricades and bars?
History re-written in gold;
Vehement!!! Speed and Time Sold!

I received your letter today,
I can smell you in every word,
Can feel the emotion;
The last habitat in motion;
Wild rush and commotion!
History re-written in gold;
An old song – I am told!?


  1. Was it a letter from a girl?

  2. @shovonc Nope...the poem talks about change from simplicity...its talks of different dynamics in plan change the landscape of time and space where civilised world dwell.


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