Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are going!

We are going!

Horde some rations…few good books,
We are going;
Time your watch, shine your shoes,
We are going;
Dig your oil – buried under the soil,
Take it easy; feel the toil;
Destination marked, childhood parked;
We are going!

The maidan is crowded,
Guns loaded;
We are going!
Slogan from the crowd;
All the Gods are present,
Optimism crying for breath and loud,
Yes! We are going.
Song of the bird,
Song of the bird,
Son of the soil, Daughters too!
Imaginations personified – Who?
We are all blind without that light,
We are all doomed without right!
We are sold without an heir;
We sell water and tomorrow – air,
We buy happiness in all avatars;
We now realised that the sun is also a star,
Humanity in the distant unknown growing,
And we are going!

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