Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today when the sun goes down and the moon rise,
Do not switch on the light,
Listen to the music of the night,
Do not switch on the light.
When your heart goes heavy and your mind fight,
Try resisting those tides,
In obscurity search for that pair of eyes;
Few of your childhood truth are now lies;
Do not switch on the light.

Your destiny is yet not surmised,
Are you not surprised?
Your astuteness may take you to glorious height;
Here you go…can you see the light?
Lost soul! Can’t you see the rising tide?
Love Bites!?
Tonight! Do not switch on the light.
Futile statistics;
Your tears are hope dried!

Your loneliness is not freedom,
You freedom is within this kingdom;
This kingdom – sold to the masters;
Behold!  Do not switch on the light,
Emancipation is the unknown dilemma of birth,
Hope – synchronised your step, your path,
That stray thought – Let it last;
Nurture with your soul – your heart;
Today - Do not switch on the light.


  1. I love it. This is soulful and fun at the same time. You are considering the masses like us while writing poetry. :)

  2. @Saru Singhal Yep..This is a fun poem which talks about confusion - right wrong and human might. enjoyed writing...thanks Saru :)

  3. It's a lovely poem Shams! I loved it:)

  4. Lovely and beautiful poem and I liked the way the poem is flowing...and in one go I understood the essence of this poem. BTW Today I recieved the book "Rousing Cadence" through flipkart.

  5. @MithlashThanks Mithlash...Happy that you liked my work. Good to hear that you bought the book...i am workin on my next Rousing Cadence...your feedback would definitly help us to improve

  6. You are good, I liked the way you started the poem. I was immediately drawn into it :)

  7. Lovely poem. The star trails image is nice too.

    Music of the night - the music of silence. Do we remain quiet for a moment? Alas, we run to switch on the TV...

  8. @Ghazala Hossain Thank you Ghazala... I am happy that the Poem is able to connect to people :))

  9. @Sabyasachi Patra | Tales from Wild India Agreed! this is why i wrote this Poem. Thank you for visiting and I am happy that you like it :)


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