Monday, August 6, 2012


Parents - Outcome of a Child
Child - Outcome of Parents?
Outcome of love?
Outcome of time?
Outcome of an unknown rhyme?
Outcome of Needs?
Outcome of Deeds?

Death - outcome of Life.
Life - Outcome of death?
Outcome of breath?
Outcome of an unkown stake?
Outcome of the wild?
Or Outcome of a Child?

Love - Outcome of the heart.
Heart - Outcome of Love?
Outcome of knowledge?
Outcome of a child?

World flattend by time; 
Melting ice in the lava of crime.
Logic Personified to the core
All outcome of a Child.

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  1. wowww..lovely post buddy :) I'm seeing so many different perspectives on this pic frm different bloggers..its so nice

  2. @Haricharan Pudipeddi Thank you Haricharan. Yes all of them have written wonderfully. I am trying to portray a Child in New light :))

  3. Wow.. so many different perspectives for the same picture :) Good Luck with the contest!!

  4. I loved it Shams:) it's awesome!

  5. Wow! That was exquisite! Superb!

    Comment outcome of a post? Post outcome of prev comments? ;) Just kidding but your poetry was simply awesome!

  6. Like - outcome of my reading your poem.


  7. So many questions? So many perspectives? Your poem makes the mind to go in different directions and provokes so many thoughts. Beautifully conceived and I love the way you think. Exquisitely written.

  8. @Raj Thank You Raj...yep..Its all about the way we look at things :) thank you for your comment.


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