Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Daffadowndilly - Reawakening

You resurrected your views,
Who prescribed to them?
Who is inveigled by the news!
Some other day!
Some other time;
We are moving ahead,
Might get late,
The transition would complete soon;
This place would see its real boom,
When the young flowers bloom.

There is an insane madness in freedom,
Sometimes it’s good to be unreasonable;
Unbeatable and unstoppable,
Those with a living dream at the death of night;
In darkness there is light,
Death is just without life;
Death is when you do not rise!?
Death is when you sleep when you are right;
Death is when you lack your inner might!

You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Cannot lose without bidding;
Inundated by questions without reasoning,
Life, sometimes needs some seasoning,
You cannot bury your hatchet without digging,
Pronounce your verdict without thinking!
The gold standard for bigotry is sometimes just ‘perception’;
A mission page in a glorified lesson?

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