Thursday, July 16, 2015

3000 Miles!

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Space and time,
Aurora’s and some Sunshine;
Captivating and intruiging,
Inspiring – dilemma of life!
Few steps to the future;
Bind us more stalwartly to our past,

When the stakes were high,
We departed from our youth,
Rejoicing in the company of drudgery;
3000 miles away for my turn,
Many moments in darkness;
In the run!
I am the travesty of my own deeds,
Adolescence kicked off!
Eons back!
And today I want to touch the breeze;
Trembling! I want to walk the freeze,
Break the embargo!
Accompany me to those pristine trees,
Raise a toast!
Ferry me to the north of the river,
Carry me!
Carry me to the Sea!

Unbound today;
I sense inclusiveness,
One with the soil,
One with my being and freedom;
Winding roads following those rhythms;
Rhythm of the sea hitting the shore,
Rhythm of the poor, looking for more,
Rhythm of the sky always moving,
Of life always growing!
I can sense the entirety of the soul;
When it grows old,
When life touches the end of the line,
End of darkness,
Beginning of a new Time!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks you Amit ji. I was away from writing for a long time. Your comments definitely motivates me :)

  2. wow you certainly know how to play with words.\

    beautifully written
    Hope to be in touch
    Blaber Blogger

    1. Thank you Nischal. Absolutely Yes! We ll be in touch

  3. So much of positivity in this poem...beautiful!


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