Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long lost love Song

Long lost love Song
That time of the night when my sun shines bright,
I linger in the wilderness of my dream;
In search of that long lost love song,
I saunter in our hidey-hole looking for signs of your fragrance- gone,
I remember few lines and few submerged with your shadow;
The love birds still chirps in the Meadow.

Long lost love song,
I am dying to listen, take me along;
Long lost love song,
You know the throbbing and all that has gone wrong;
Long lost love song,
Behold! I can’t repel the pain, today let me groan;
Long lost love song,
I am hoary and not strong.

You always run to me when I was miffed,
When I was hurt and in the time of need;
Today when the clock ticks against me,
And the sunshine brings rain, I am in pain;
Yesterday my nights were just milestones for today,
Today daylights hurt my soul and I am lost in the way.

Long lost love song,
Would you play me the melody once again?
Love song of the heaven-rhyme,
Love song of a child in play-Shine,
Love song of the estranged lover- divine,
O lady! My love song lost in the cradle of time.

Shamsud A
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