Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Blogging

Sunday Blogging
This was one of the best weeks in recent time. I am extremely delighted to start my new topic “The Chosen One’ and you will see many Authors and Writers introduced to you through this Saturday Topic.
Secondly I have recently started receiving few works from various writers as contributors to my new book. For those who are reading this for the first time you can refer here – Sunday Blogging- Sunday, April 15, 2012

For others who are still waiting to send their work; please send them at I have shortlisted 5 writers as of now and have replied to them with details of the work. I also have few foreign writers who are willing to contribute and would include some of their work too.

This week also saw two of my work being reviewed and I am extremely happy with the feedback:

Review on my book – Absquatulate
I came across this book by accident, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised.
First of all, I was surprised by an Indian writing about nature in a way the west writes nature poetry. Sub-continental poetry tends to be about love and emotions of sense of being, rather than about recollections in tranquility.
He IS Romantic:
A fancy has no boundary;
Should I sneak into your heart?
And write my name with light;
Absquatulate (MysticVerse) 
Should I seal it before the day break?
I don't want to get late,
Should it take its own course instead?

However,what differentiates his poetry purely from being romantic is his expert use of nature.A poem about nearness and affection is followed by one about the rise of the sun,or the fall of night,both working in harmonious conjunction with each other.Here is an example of nature working in conjunction with affectionate emotion.It is called 'Doggerel':
My sunshine vanished in the cloud,
And the moon cleverly hides you in its shadow;
Whom should I blame?
You blamed it on the sun.
I love the way Shamsud combines the human with the natural.As a result of reading this book,I am willing to risk my money on his other works which I am going to download after this review.I thoroughly enjoyed it, I think those who like to read about the combination of the human with the natural should also love it.
One minor niggle is that there are one of two glaring typos that need to be corrected.As I said, they won't stop me from buying his other books but others it may deter...BRAVO and best of luck with all your future endeavours Shamsud.
As a writer of poetry myself I know how difficult it is to write what he is writing...and once again, i wish him the best of luck:

The opening of FALLEN STAR mentions that Shamsud Ahmed delivers "equal parts love and mystery, adventure and romance," in his poetry book.

Even though the collection is quite concise (about 32 print pages), the scope of the poems is indeed full-ranging. Reading can be a very subjective and personal experience (especially when it comes to poetry and/or "thoughtful prose")--one of the poems that I really enjoyed in this collection is the one titled "Existence."
Fallen Star: Shamsud Ahmed (Volume 1) 
I'm not going to include that poem in its entirety here, but I'll say that the poem sums up the theme in 5 paragraphs very nicely.

Some of the poems are a little bit "rough around the edges," though to me this added to their charm and originality. I've always liked reading and writing, and I greatly appreciate it when a writer or poet is willing to leave things a little bit raw so as to capture a moment or emotion more honestly and sincerely. This, of course, is different from just plain lazy or sloppy writing (where there's often zero thought or concern for the emotional nuances or intricacies involved with choice of wording, or style).

The poem titled "Dance" had a really nice rhythm to it, and "Moribund" and "Personified!" feature great description. "A Pinch" features the following line: "A pinch of struggle for a pinch of win," which I thought was both witty and playful/insightful. I liked the choice of poem to end off the collection too. I will not say what it is here to prevent any spoilers ;)

I would have liked the author bio at the end to have been a little bit longer, so that we could view a little bit more of the mind and personality behind the poetry! That being said, perhaps Mr. Shamsud Ahmed prefers to let the poetry do the talking for him (re: his bio and experiences). I look forward to the poems and stories Shamsud will have to tell, whether inspired by the past, present or future.
Debauched Medicament

As visitors to my Blog I would have more than happy to share a copy of one of my book you. Simply drop an email I will send a copy of my book. However, one of my books Debauched Medicament can be downloaded free for the next 2 days from Amazon. Please take the advantage and if you like the book; please do leave a review.

Cheers and Keep Winning,
Shamsud Ahmed
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