Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Blogging

Sunday Blogging - An Opportunity
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I have recently started visiting more blogs and have started exploring new avenues. We have some great authors of both prose and poetry who are doing a great job and I am really impressed by the quality of their content. While working on my new book “Shades and Verses”, (which would be a collection of 50 selected poems) something stuck me and hence this new post for me to understand how many of you would be ready to work together.

I am planning to come up with a compilation of Poetry from various bloggers and create a paperback of 50 poems. Please note that copyright of each of the poems will remain with the original author and he/she would hold all the rights. This will be a strictly pro-bono affair with equal credit shared of course with a structured arrangement though. I am sure this would be first of its kind collaborative effort in India. I do not know about rest of the world. Till now this is something done by the Publishing house or literary agent. We are going to do this for the first time and there are some risks involved. 
 Few important pointers before I move ahead.

1.       There is no investment or associated cost from your end as I will bear the initial cost
2.       A ‘First book’ does not make enough profit. The writer gets 15% of the total profit which means that a book costing somewhere around Rs.150 would generate a profit of Rs. 15- Rs.20 which is not big but with very high volume there is chance of profit. The sellers charge high amount for putting their book in their sites
3.       I will consider that the contributors are not looking at profit in the first edition
4.       Contributors would work hard to promote their work ( I will tell you how)
5.       The book would not be available in any book store
6.       The book would be solely available in websites like FLIPKART, UREAD and few other Indian websites
7.       The book would also be available in Amazon, Alibris etc.
8.       I am looking for 30 poets to contribute 50 poems

Now that you have read the above pointers and in case you are ready to contribute let me move ahead. I will need 3 of your best work and an author Bio (Example below in Lulu or check the link here). Please send your work in an email (word doc format with your Bio). Once received, I will discuss with the publisher and get the setup done in few days for publishing the work.

 We have some great photographers and artist who can contribute the cover page. They would get their due credit as contributors with their name in the book. Authors Bio and other contributors would be published separately at the end of the book.
If its sound exciting and you want to contribute you can leave your queries below and I will try and respond to you at the earliest. Those willing to contribute can simply drop an email with their best work to (yep...That’s me).

If I see success in this venture we will soon move to short stories and continue publishing poetry as concurrent volume of both prose and poems.

There would be many questions in your mind and I hope to clarify one by one in a separate post. 

I will scrap the whole idea in case I do not see enough response. Currently I am scripting few stories for one my dear friend who is producing a TV serial in the NORTH EAST of India and I will get very busy in few days. However before that I would like to accomplish this task. 

Please get back to me with your thoughts and let me understand if we can do something here.

Please share this post with as many people possible so that we get 30 great write so that we provide the best of Poetry to our readers.

Cheers and Keep Winning,

Shamsud Ahmed
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  1. What an idea sir ji...BRILLIANT....Is their is any scope for paintings also...pls let me know.There are so many talented poets and writers and I am sure it will be a huge success...All the best Shamsud Ji.

    1. seema...just wanted to check with you if you are interested to put few of your paining 9 Black & White) in the book. Please mail me at

  2. I have received few emails too. We can definitely work out something. After all we are going to work on the final product :))

  3. Great concept Shamsu bhai...and unique too! All the best for your project!

  4. Hey thanks. I am also counting on you for some great poems :))

  5. Great, I will think about it and will send you an email. Do you have 30 poets in mind?

    1. Thanks Saru....I know few of them but not 30. Also I am not in any of the forum for a long. But i believe that it is possible. Once i have the poets i have some other plans which i will share with everyone. Its all about sharing this above post and get more people involved :)

  6. Great initiative Shamshud, will be mailing you soon, hope you like my poems . . .
    you can also check out my poems here . . .
    Keep writing . . . .

    1. Thank you Ashwini. I will wait for your mail. Yes....I have read few of your poems. They are nice.


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