Monday, April 23, 2012


Never looked into those eyes,
Oh! Never, never;
Never broke the trust,
Of hope, destiny and lust,
Days bygone were rough;
And irrefutable as the mark at birth.

Ever stood in front and never asked,
The money for the movie or for the bus;
Mother fulfilled those request at last,
Cleaned those wounds and those dirt,
Minutes in the garden, hours at the tub,
I have grown up at last.

Beavered through the days and sometimes at night,
I remember his days and those frost bytes;
The mountain looks fiery at night,
I was a hill under his height,
He showed me light when the world switched me off,
My Super hero – for you I always rose.

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  1. Touched..beautiful words..indeed.

  2. Most of us can relate to one line or other in this poem. BTW, How is the idea of your collaborative book shaping up?

  3. Thanks Saru. i have received response from very few people. Need more. If not i will go with who ever come forward.

    1. That's great. Can I send you my work?

    2. yes M' can send me anytime. I will talk to Alka and few other people for their work. We should have our book published by end of may :))


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