Monday, August 10, 2015


In the hollow of hollowness,
Of the soul in despair;
I tried to quantify my jollity,
Under the sleuth of pain;
At last defeated and in Vain!

In the shadow of darkness,
The runtime of few years;
Man maketh the heaven,
Through the tunnels of hell,
Creates symphony,
They head and also the trail,

The land you gained were Swamp,
And the money you paid – trump!
In the distant station from now,
Every life is derelict somehow;
You can see your fear in tomorrow,
You can crack a deal with the devil;
You can size your bread at will,
And buy every lifesaving pill,
The format of this game is simple,
The beginnings are marked with an end,
You turn the swamp into your home land,
The Queue ends!
It’s their turn!
Their Stand!!!

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