Friday, August 28, 2015


Discerning while awake and dreaming in your sleep,
A thin line in reality and a bleep;
I hold your hands to the ice cream shop – colours!
Flavours! The seasons produce – together we discover,
The face behind the mask in the circus!
Do they have the zest!
Ice-cream! do they taste?
Ferris wheel – depicting the spectrum of life,
Married twice – once with your eyes!
And with your lies!?
Criss-crossing moments and intervenes in this ride!
Rollercoaster – you by my side,
We have the pass - Bus car drive,
The boat of life against all tide;
Adam’s apple – bite,
Freedom is pride!
Some vanity – genocide;
Gun rattling showman – suicide,
A roller coaster ride!!!

When you are with the stars,
Floating without space and time,
The ugly clouds blurs vision of the land,
Sometimes the sea and sometimes the sand,
Fabbri ride – close-clenched hand!

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