Monday, August 17, 2015

I am sleeping beside you

You are thousand moons reflecting in the arroyo,
Millions of sweltering light in every upsurge wave;
Shifting course, every path you take,
I mounted there when everyone’s departed!
You have seen places,
Places espoused and christened after you!
Now I am sleeping beside you!

When my might failed to kindle your soul,
I argued with my soul and ran away from light!
Maybe I was maladroit and never got it right;
Your nimble steed by your side,
I sojourned in hopeless habitat till the end,
Oh! The daybreak sun-shine, tinselling the dew
I am still sleeping beside you.

Why did the life I lead seemed scorn to you,
Every move I made to corroborate them true?
All good man and the ministers, you run through;
Today at rest and some still at their final test,
In the other side of darkness, life grew?
They all ensnared you, I never acquiesced - you knew.
I am sleeping beside you!

All for the money with which I bought these stones;
All for my love I build this home!
All for the praises you carried along,
Justice to the wretched and I still sang along,
Destined to my crown – precious you,
My epitaph is not of a glorious life but about you,
In death I am sleeping beside you!!!


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