Thursday, August 27, 2015


Now unlocked - my home was silent for years
Dusty cold and rusty,
An old cup lying on the floor, I felt the warmth of
days bygone ; Aroma of freshly brewed tea- mother
Some flickers in my mind - reflections
Echo! Echo!
Thunders - many of them blown away by the old walls,
the other room where I go back to a child,
Lullaby - fingers playing with my hair, here
lies the bed.
This is also where she last breathes - Mother.
Echo! Echo!
A gust of wind playing with my hair, mutely,
talking to me laughing at my fate
Resonance! It’s too late!
No point digging the grave,
Am I that brave!?

Heartbeats - thump thump, tu tump, dhak dhak, lub dub
Stained soul! truth - the colour of blood,
How far!?
How far one can go before he decides to return home!?
How many twilight a man can wait to meet a waiting soul!?
What else you can aspire to meet your never ending goal!!!

Footsteps on the door,
The old man has a hunch now, walking through the door,
Echo! How much was happiness and how much you needed more,
A failed heart and he lies on the floor – father!
Tears! Thousands of miles away by some unknown shore,
Man! He cries - A life he bore
every story ever manufactured now lives in death!!!

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Note- This is an incomplete work and I ll make some changes
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