Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wakeful like the wind and the rain

The river shifted its course,
We need high ground - to the road,
Old man and an even older boat!
Hold on to what you can!
Live breathe and remain afloat.
The animals – Horses and goat,
Drowning in the moat!

Today the tributary has spread its arms,
As if running against time,
Breaking all barriers contrasting psalm,
Lost lovers desperate for their union,
The river and the sea – communion!
Shrubbery gasping in every gush,
Blissful rendezvous on the other end of the rush!

The Bells chime in the jingle of the night,
(The clanking of surfs deadening the only light)
The birds are warbling some unknown ditty,
Many lost their home and few their city;
Callous paramour your rush is in vain,
Many more are hastening time and again.
Look at the lives around in your clutch and in chain
Wakeful like the wind and the rain!

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