Thursday, April 26, 2012

Order in Chaos

Order in Chaos
Whoosh! Whoosh! The sound of thunder,
Inside, my heart thumping;
Suppressed and deep seated,
Never expressed,
Jittery Jittery frazzled Fidgety.

Let me move on,
For tomorrow I might not cry for that moon,
I seek comfort in the sunshine today;
‘Cause sadness would be put to rest for a while,
I seek solace in the the wild.

I am squeamish about living,
Death itself is misleading;
I sojourn!
For a few moments to wobble your mind;
There are souls in the souk,
Not one- my Kind!
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  1. Wow...what a thought Shamsu, and what an expression...'I seek solace in the the wild'...

  2. hi dear do visit here

    1. Thank you so much. I can ask for more.I will drop a separate email to you bro :)


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