Monday, April 9, 2012


The melody is hypnotic,
Balloons filled with gas;
Sanity playing with my alter ego,
I want to dance.

It’s the beginning of a Séance,
I want to dance;
Life out of living dead,

Stars on the dance floor,
Moons besides the side walk;
My sunlight rehearsing in the backyard,
We want to dance.

The moon completing the circle of light,
Teeth readying for the bite;
Eyes, manufacturing that wacky glance,
All I want – dance.
Shamsud A
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  1. Thank you Indu. I am leaving everything for you to decide :))

  2. ...'sanity playing with my alter ego', and what follows looks surrealistic, and hence obscure...and makes it enticing! Would love to solve it at leisure Shamsu. Cheers till then:)

  3. cheers Amit :)) hope you have a great time.

  4. Hence we dance to the different melodies of this poem. Good one :)

  5. :)) Yep.......I have been thinking of writing something different. hope i have done it. cheers


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