Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today after countless years, I reminisce the days,
When I used to run ahead of my Ma excited,
She following me with equal delight;
I wish I had followed her all the way.
Today when I am away, I remember,
The nights when she laid her hands on me;
And the days when she waits for me,
To come home for my nibbles and tea.

I don’t have anything in that old house;
But my Mom;
I have worked all these years to get back home,
to my Ma and lay in her bosom.
I grew up crying at her breast;
I lay here now with tears with innate cognizance,
Now I wake up in the middle and talk to my pillows;
Life has highs and I am now drawn to my lows.

Is it worth?
To live a life of a dog,
To achieve the unachievable?
While carnage your chums and all that counted once;
And let her grow feeble and old;
I lost her ageing soul – the heart of gold.

Let me go back and inquire about her dreams,
Let me identify if I was mean?
I never tried to see her aspirations,
Never desires and questioned those perspirations;
Now I close my eyes and see her ever smiling face,
I hear voices from across the darkness;
“Go back before it gets too late”

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