Monday, April 23, 2012


There are rights there are wrong,
There are stories and untold song,
There are young and there are old;
These are memories from days long-gone.

Hide and seek behind the creek,
Balls and sticks till the fingers bleed;
Garden fruit and valley of flower,
Dirt and dust when cloud thundered shower.

Summery heat and wintry chill,
The brazen clashes and all those thrill;
Paper boat war and mud sling shots,
Girls are cool and all chums hot.

Clammy hands and filthy feet;
We hung on and we all eat,
Nocturnal movies and many plan sheets;
With every new enthusiasm, heart double beats.

Now I sit here and rock the chair,
And look at myself and back at time;
Even now those memories make me shine,
A verse committed to those days – divine.

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