Monday, July 30, 2012

Ashes to Ashes!

Ashes to Ashes!

Known the Long and short;
Those cubes and horse,
Wind and dust…fine and coarse!
Sea and Sand and river do plant;
Those Hills and mountain;
Dark blue whirling lifeless fountain,
Roads and passages beyond those thoroughfares;
Wilderness in the deserts – they stare!

Hummocks and hillocks and those old folks;
Privacy and secrecy, keys to your locks!
Fire and Coffin, Ashes and wood;
I am being rude – Natures food.
Moods and swings, those unknown wings;
Fire and Ice – peace and wind,
Mind and soul, daggers and gold;
Picture your heart or buy that doll.

Salvation and Nirvana for heaven and pleasure;
Erosion and Weathering for your leisure;

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