Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Caballero

My Caballero

There is a blissful beauty in your face,
You tend to hide behind that shadowy maze;
You tend to move with night – unrest,
Tonight I saw you in your best dress.

The king’s men are in the hunt
Today - Run your weapon is blunt;
I will hone them when you are back,
Today – save yourself from this livid attack.

For thousand nights I will wait,
For my dainty knight at the gate;
Even if I perished or you get late,
I will be there in the heavenly gate.

Today I see your divine match
The Gods are here to see you combat;
Earth will remember your glorious death,
And heaven opens its gate.


  1. am tongue tied , beautiful....its nyc to hav u bk here :)

    1. Thank you Alka :-) Yes..was dormant for sometime.

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