Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unlimbering Again!?

Unlimbering Again!?

Where can you go?
When the roads ahead grow;
And your energy low!
Where can you hide?
When the ground near you is wide;
And you lost sight!
When the fight is for basic right.

Let the citizen decide the season;
Their habitat and their reason!
Atlantis never found,
Never would they be;
Live the moment – what you see?

Exhilarate! Stimulate!
Wake up! Where have they gone?
The legionary now lost in Rome;
The diadem plundered; now torn.

Hope! Optimism!
Always the next life follows;
Living over dead, mellows!
Rich over poor, swallows;
War over peace, bellows;
Laundry list of today;
Incentives and dividends narrows,
Where have they gone in Australasia?

You brought diseases and you bring greed,
You sold hope in the name of feed;
You brought machine to counter their projectiles,
You killed human calling them wild,
You name prosperity at the cost of hunger,
You bring cocoa in exchange of firepower and thunder;
You sale happiness in the silver screen,
The crossroads and ghettos – you know what I mean.

Sub-Sahara darkened and delisted;
You named them the Dark Continent,
North-Sahara empowered but convicted;
And you call it moral when they are evicted,
You bought thunder with fat and little;
You preached peace and the earth rattle.

Wake up! The coffee is yours;
You brought triggers and now the finger sores,
You changed history from its course;
Life is vague and hoarse.



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